Top 5 #HappyHalloween Horror Games You Should Play


I just want to say #HappyHalloween to everyone and I hope you get some eat or not. To celebrate Halloween I am counting down the five horror games to play,  will these games choices are a trick or a treat.  Be prepare to scream and get spooked if you don’t want to play these games at night.

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Remember MS-DOS Days – 80’s Microsoft Era


Do you remember using a command line to start up a game? If you don’t know what MS-DOS is let me give you the run down. MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System, its uses command line interface for x86-based Personal Computers which is discontinued by Microsoft. It was first called 86-DOS (clone of Digital Research’s CP/M) by Seattle Computer Products written by Tim Paterson and the development took six weeks. Microsoft needed an operating system for IBM Personal Computers and hired Time Paterson in May 1981. Microsoft brought it for 75,000 and kept the version number and

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Should You Buy Or Before You Buy a Game?

These are the questions that as a gamer should be asking. When you see a game that you enjoy and want to get you will wonder what value it holds. Are you looking for graphics, content and worth the price of $59.99? Some game are hyped-up in video games ads and saying “this is the most anticipated in this Christmas!” and “Must Buy!” which criticalready have a copy of the game before hits stores just like movies. What about you as the customer what catches your eye? The cover art, the PS4 and Xbox logo or when looking for the back of the game you will see reviews “awesome game –IGN” or “one of the best I

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Deadpool – Merc With The Mouth Review


Based on the Marvel Comics’ 4th wall spewing anti-hero comic book character Deadpool. Developed by High Noon and published by Activision which was removed due to an expired contract with Marvel Studios. You play as Deadpool and go on an awesome adventure to stop Mr. Sinister and his x-men clones. You will might other character along the way Rogue, Wolverine, Psylocke, Domino, Cable, Death (Deadpool’s lover Thanos will be angry) and many other characters. As far as gameplay, you can teleport from behind enemies or higher places, shoot guns and weapons to create combos to make the game more awesome. You always got to love the funny monuments in the game such as slapping Wolverine in the face, interaction with cable, singing with Death, mingling with hot babes and more 4th wall jokes which had die of laugh and keep me entertain.

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What Are You Plan on Getting PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift or Project Scorpio?


Here is the big three VR headsets and what do you think is better PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift or Project Scorpio. Let talk about Virtual Reality in general, VR is a software that generate realistic images, sounds and replicate 3D environments. Which creates sensory such as sight, touch, hearing and smell (maybe) in an artificial world. Virtual Reality puts you in a fantasy world that you can’t see or do in real life such as being a warrior in a MMO, relaxing on a beach or flying through space. Sometimes VR can have it downfalls such as seizure, dizziness, nausea and motion sickness use extreme caution while using any VR headset.

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WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game – Don’t Try This at Home Retro Review


WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game is one of the funest game you will ever played. WrestleMania: The Arcade Game is developed by Midway and published by Acclaim Entertainment which feature Superstars from WWF (World Wrestling Federation) but nowadays is call WWE (World Wresting Entertainment). If you don’t know what WWF is it professional wrestling company in Stamford, Connecticut founded by Vince McMahon (who is one of the commentary in the game) that’s story-driven segments and choreographed matches a The game is a cartoonish and enjoyable to play, you choose up to eight wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon and many more and encourage people don’t try this at home.

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