Call Of Duty Is Not A Military Game Anymore?

Call Of Duty is a well-known shooter  franchise and know for it’s military style combat but the present Call Of Duty has zombies? I can’t why the developers have to go over the top with this game. I mean like the DLCs come up zombies, dragons and oh my! that’s a bit to much don’t you think. I know it’s the future in all but these DLC is talking the cake. I want to go back to the traditional military combat like Battlefield 1. Thank god for that game because I miss the glory days of using tanks, airplanes, houses and etc. COD is a very saturated shooter game and it’s the most played on Youtube. Don’t get me started on the types of videos they put out funny  montages, gameplay with dubstep music, top 5 kills, how to get medals or guns and etc. It’s so cliche’ it hurts. That’s the COD

fandom and fun fact it also help real military train for combat.  What about the online gameplay? You know that this installment of Call of Duty you have classes such as Reaper, Outrider, Firebreak and other for more variety not just helmet and guns. COD has a great community to full with clans, teams and other hardcore players that love the game. I really enjoy Call Of Duty of for what it is but don’t drive people away with DLC that’s got nothing to do with Military combat . Make sure you buy Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare on Xbox One  And PS4.


One thought on “Call Of Duty Is Not A Military Game Anymore?

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