Sword Art Online: Lost Song | VRMMORPG Review


I got this game of couple months back and I love how they stay true to the light novel or anime but there is some minor problems that I encounter in the game. Here is what is this game is, Sword Art Online is a light novel from Reki Kawahara. Which takes place in Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (just like Warcraft and .Hack Sign) which you can meet other players, level up and fight monsters.  the main character Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya  who is one of the best player in SAO goes on side-quests, solve mysteries,  make friends such as  Asuna Yūki( Kirito’s love interest) , Suguha Kirigaya (Kirito’s cousin), Shino Asada (a girl with a dark past) an many other characters. I have watch the anime and you will love it, they deal with issues of love, death, bullying  and others especially the second season. Let talk about the game, Lost Song is a pretty advantage

game made by Artdink and  published by Bandai it’s a Action-RPG which you can do the same thing as the light novel and anime does. This game has a original story and this takes place after Hollow Fragment, Kirito finds about a new group called Shamrock  in a new  VRMMORPG called  ALfheim Online and meet up with Seven ( A pop idoi and a scientist), Rain ( Seven’s older sister) and Sumeragi ( Seven’s bodyguard) Kirito and the gang finds out about Seven and what she is playing. There are your favorite characters that appear in the light novel and Hollow Fragment, each characters has different types weapon of abilities and magic. Just like any other RPG you have side-missions, switch between characters, flying (which is a pain in the game), buy weapons or upgrades and exploring dungeons. People say that this game is repetitive due the monsters and the dungeon design but as for me I don’t care I love SAO.  I love the cel-shaded cutscences they’re beautifully render and the visual novel style dialogue.  I love the interaction with the character where you are low on health or defeat a enemy. There is multiplayer as well and it’s called PVP I have not try that yet and crossplay.   If you want this game pick it up and also there is another coming up called  Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization


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