Why Ban Mod Support?

The mod community is going crazy about this story. Bethesda and Sony
had a discussion about mod support but Sony didn’t approve and
blocks mods but Sony wants to put limits on them. I was confused
about this and no just Fallout 4 but Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special
Edition. There is hope mod support is available on PC and Xbox One.
Let me give you my opinion on this, why ban creative in video games
and why didn’t approve of mods. If you don’t know what modding
is I will tell you pretty much you alternate the game such as
characters, items and levels. The player want to modify the game to
their liking and what they want in the original game. Mod can help
continue the game

success but can lead to malware, bugs and glitches.
Some games got support mods and use different tools to create mods.
Patch can be in the same class as mods. Patch can fix issues that the
community wants such weapons, characters, levels, in-game issues and
etc. The same goes for add-ons, expansion and remakes which the video
game company can improve to meet plater expectations. There is a term
called vanilla (not ice cream but unmodified) that’s the normal
gamer plays. Is it a good or bad thing to ban mods? What do you
think? Buy Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PlayStation 4
and Xbox One.

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