Beard Blade is a 16-bit adventure indie game by Glovebox Games. After watching the kickstarter trailer I am loving the cartoon-style of this game. This game reminds of Shantae but you use your facial-hair to climb, over  treasure chests and defeat enemies.  The plot of the game is you play as  gallant Branson a.k.a. “Beard Blade” to reclaim the town’s stolen goods and uncover the truth behind a dark secret. 

I am loving the music in this game give it up to the composer  Steven Melin. If you support this project you will get a digital download of Beard Blade for your PC, Retro Instruction Manual  (Just like the old days), Beard Blade Original Soundtrack (composed by Steven Melin), original signed artwork, Beard Blade mercs and you get to be in the game. The game is  20-25% complete and they need your help. Support Beard Blade and you can a be as brave as Branson. Follow Glovebox Games on Twitter , YouTube and Tumblr

Source: Kickstarter  


Beard Blade – Use Your Facial Hair As A Weapon

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