Idol Death Game -Dream of Dream


Pop Idoi are  singing and competing to stay alive? D3 Publisher just came out with the second promotion video of IdoI Death Game. The story focuses on the “Dream of Dream” or D.o.D. competition, which sees potential idols in a contest to take the center (leader and public face) position in the Project 47 idol group. However, the 10th D.o.D. competition takes place at Shichibōkan, a mansion nestled deep in the mountains, and will involve the idols fighting for their lives, with the lowest in the popularity rankings executed in a “death game” broadcast on live television.

If you love at the trailer people think its Danganropa  but this little mascot is that a bear. The trailer was weird and this girls go through the embarrassing games. If you want to buy this and import it. it’s available on October 20 in Japan and it’s  compatible with the PlayStation TV.


Source :ANN


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