Being a Full-time Gamer On Twitch and YouTube


YouTube and Twitch is a great way to interact and start a community for gaming. Let’s start with YouTube, you are a small YouTuber and want to start a gaming channel to grow an audience. There are tutorials on how to do it for example, Robert Blake and Video Creators videos check them out and they will teach you how to work with SEO, thumbnails, tags, social media and etc. Don’t expected to get 1,000 subscribers right away it takes and keep your day job until then. If you want to survive on YouTube and get you channel out there. You have to find a niche and technically speaking you have to standout like the rest.

I know you want to be like Pewdipie, Markplier and other full-time YouTube gamers. It took them years to grow there channels and get exposure. If you are a YouTuber who wants to collab with other people and be a part of a great community check out Yttalk. I meet some nice people and they’re great people to help you grow and have friends. Promoting yourself can get you more exposure as well in Social Media such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumbler and Instagram. Note: Don’t self-advertising other Youtuber comment section for example “you can check out my channel” and DM other Youtubers on Twitter telling about your


channel. You want to grow interact with other YouTube gaming channels you size and you might get a shoutout or collab. Once you master those things you will gain more subscribers and fans you might get sponsorship someday. Twitch is a little different then YouTube, you have to network, promote and interact with your chat (don’t ignore people) and treat your fans with respect. If you are big on YouTube and consider doing Twitch you will get 1,000 followers in no time but if you are starting out it harder to get viewers. Twitch Partnership is the only way to make a living from Twitch but it harder to apply. If you have to the drive to go full time YouTuber and Twitch Streamer go for it and don’t give up.

Source: Roberto Blake

Video Creators


Twitch Partnership


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