Green Man Gaming Partners With Sony for Selling Digital PlayStation 4 Games


Digital retail is growing by the second in the video game industry today. Green Man Gaming just announced their partnership with Sony to sell digital games. If you don’t know what Green Man Gaming is let me tell you, GMG is a global e-commerce technology company who works with 450 publishers & developers, A library of 7500 multi-platform titles and 190 trade in countries worldwide. There are passionate about the gaming industry and give guidance and confidence to gamers to try different things and protect us from security Issues such as fraud and hacking. They give you the cheapest deals from PC to PS4 such as coupons, discount code and vouchers. Back on topic, now PS4 owners can


buy games straight from GMG site and copy and input it to download the game. CEO of Green Man Gaming Paul Sulyok says “This partnership brings us a step closer to achieving our vision of becoming the No. 1 digital games retailer in the world. By offering our customers a wide range of digital games that they can play on their favorite platforms, we’re giving the gaming community the ultimate multi-platform destination to shop, connect, and get the best insights online”. I think it’s a good move for them because we need more deals from PlayStation 4 as far as games. I am on a budget ^_^ I am not going to spend over dollars on video games. I have to play off the montages, internet, student loans and electricity. If you want greats deals on PC games go to steam because they’ve discounts as well. What are your thoughts on it and I am have a discount count from my Twitch. I will have it down below use it well by supporting me.


Source: Digital Trends

Green Man Gaming


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