This is unexpected the see an anime and manga cross over in a video game.The news just broke that Nakaba Suzuki’s The Seven Deadly Sins are making an Sega’s Hortensia Saga. if you don’t know about The Seven Deadly Sins is I will tell you, It’s a manga created by Nakaba Suzuki and it’s tell a story about a group of knights (formerly) that was disbanded after Liones Kingdom but suppose to be killed by the holy knight but still alive and one of the liones family Eilzabeth wants to bring them back together and take back the kingdom after the Holy Knight trying to overthrown.

Now let talk about the game at hand, Hortensia Saga is a  3×3 grid tactical  real time RPG that tell story of Knights of Ober trying to take back their homeland. This game is also free to play  mobile app with no charge. The gameplay is you have a part of five with classes such as swordsman, lance and others. You tap on the screen when your phase (your turn) is up. When you complete a battle you get bonus, level up and learn more skills. You uses cards, gems and items to upgrade your character.For battle you have attack, defend or rest  but it takes up your BP. This crossover has a storyline,  Knights of Ober helps the The Seven Deadly Sins to defeat Hendrickson. This is not the only  The Seven Deadly Sins crossover there is Chain Chronicle. If you want this game it’s in Japanese it’s available now 

             Source: ANN



Seven Deadly Sins Guest Stars in Hortensia Saga

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