Is this a New Nintendo Console? Only one way to find out! Nintendo Switch is both a home and handheld console. That’s right it’s a docking station and you can play it on the go like this trailer here.

You can take out the wireless  side controllers and play without holding the handled device. It’s look like a Ipad with you take the controllers out maybe you can watch movies and TV shows. Let’s hope Nintendo can get together with Nefilx, EPSN and other to incorporated these entertainment apps like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As for as the controllers they look like the classic wii ones.


You can play it in the car ( you got to have an accessory to do it). Nintendo Switch does come with a stand like a Chrome Notebook and a separated controller to play with. Fun fact: you can use it in E-sports and tournaments ^_^ if you this system here is the release date. I can’t wait to see more of Nintendo Switch in the near future.


Soruce: VOX


Nintendo is Switching to a New Console?

2 thoughts on “Nintendo is Switching to a New Console?

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