This is a visual novel game developed by Norn / Miel and published by  Zoo Corporation (how ironic because these girls are animal lol). The story of the game is Kazuma returns to his hometown in the Japanese countryside where he reconnects with four female classmates. He finds out they are not human but magical animal spirits in human form.

You meet four girls that you can interact and date, this is character are based on Japanese folktale. Sumie who is a fox (based on  Kitsune) she is the leader. Tsubaki who is a the cat (based on Bakeneko ) she is the second in command, Aoi who is dog (based on Inugami) and Nazuna who is raccon ( based on Tanuki). The game has supernatural elements such as yokais, spirits and hidden secrets in your hometown.  I am looking the designs of the girls and I hope to buy this game.  If you looking for a supernatural and japanese folktale this is the game for you.  Wild Romance is available now on Steam


Wild Romance – Dating Animal Chicks Trailer Review

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