Here is another retro review of the first Ace Attorney game in the trilogy. Ace Attorney is a visual novel adventure that tell a story about a rookie defense attorney named Phoenix Wright who defends and believe in his clients to seek the truth. The creator of this series is Shu Takumi who wants to make the game easy to play and originally wants Phoenix Wright to be a private investigator. The Ace Attorney series is one of the most popular Capcom up to date with anime, movie and others. This game was originally for Game Boy Advance but now on Nintendo DS.


This game has five cases and each of this involved two phases Investigating and proving your client innocent and find the truth. When you investigate you can find clues, talks to witness of the crime and piece all of the evidence together and use it in court. When you in court you will learn how to play by Mia Fey on the first case. You can press the witness’s statement to find a contraction and present evidence to back up your claims. If you find your client innocent you will win the trial but if you lose it’s game over (you can save the game anytime). The game has some memorable characters and music, I enjoy Ace Attorney series and I hope more come out in the future. If you want a mystery game This is the game for you. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is available on Nintendo 3DS and iOS.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – I have an Objection Retro Review

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – I have an Objection Retro Review

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