Super Mario Kart is one of the best racing game played on the SNES. Nintendo shines throughout the 90’s with fun game will this one. An Interview with Hideki Konno wanted to create a two racing game in contrast with F-Zero due to limitations of the SNES hardware. This game let you take control of eight Mario characters such as Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Luigi, Princess Peach and many others. You race on 5 different tracks on each cup and let me tell you they get hard to use to. You also can powerups such as throwing shells, star power, bananas peels and many others. Once you are driving you can power slide and hopping to get away obstacles.


There are game modes such as Mario Kart Grand Prix (which you race on 3 cups at a two difficulty) and Time Trial (you race to get the best time). Here is the fun part, multiplayer there are 3 modes Mario Kart GP (which is just like single player), Match Race (no computer opponents just you and a buddy) and Battle Mode (use your powerups to knock your buddy balloons to win). The graphic of Mario Kart is 16 bit and using Mode 7 for scale and rotation of the tracks and characters. I really love the music in the game composed by Soyo Oka, especially battle mode music. If you looking a Mario racing game give this game a try and download it. Super Mario Kart  is available on SNES

Source: U.S. Wii


Super Mario Kart – Turtle Shells and Mushrooms Retro Review

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