Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival horror adventure developed by Supermassive Games. This games kind of reminds me of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. The story of the game is a group of eight teenagers take a vacation in a cabin in Blackwood Mountain. This is not just any vacation but a dangerous one filled with Wendigoes, masked psychopaths and a creepy therapist Dr. Alan J Hill (Peter Stormare). You control of eight teenage Mike (played by Brett Dalton), Sam (Hayden Panettiere), Chris (Noah Fileiss), Ashley (Galadriel Stineman), Jessica (Meaghan Martin), Matt (Jordan Fisher), Emily (Nichole Bloom) and Josh Washington (Rami Malek).

Until Dawn™_20150821161617

The mechanics of the game is a weapon of choice whatever the decision which is called the butterfly effect you make will affect the game. Picking up totems (death, danger, loss, guidance and fortune) can help you tell what is going to happen next. You discover clues on what happen in Blackwood and there are quick-time event which can be a pain. When playing as a character you see what is going on in their point of view. This game is pack with drama, suspense, a little humor and a lot of endings. PlayStation Move is also supported and this is a PlayStation exclusive. Until Dawn is available on PlayStation 4 and check out the bonus content as well.


Until Dawn – Cabin in the Mountain Review

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