SNK announced it will be bringing  arcade games to the console as part of a ACA Neo Geo series, starting with The King of Fighters ‘94 in both North America and Europe on October 27, 2016. The King of Fighters ‘94  along with five other games are going to PlayStation Store coming this year and 2017.  It most likely cost 5.99 ore more depending on the publisher. Here is the list of SNK games that coming to the PS Store and the following year that came out:

  • Alpha Mission II  – 2016


  • Fatal Fury – 2016


  • Metal Slug – 2016


  • Nam-1975  – 2017


  • Neo Turf Masters – 2017


  • Samurai Shodown – 2016


  • World Heroes – 2016


If you are a fan or grew of Neo Geo buy these games and relive the goodness of SNK. Be on the look up for this year and next year for SNK games, if you have a PlayStation 4.

Source: Siliconera


7 Neo Geo Games Are Coming To PlayStation 4

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