Mediascape launched a new trailer for Touhou Koubutou V for the PlayStation 4 and Vita . This latest installment of the Touhou series is a third-person action game. This game is developed by Cubetype not Team Shanghai Alice. If you don’t know what Touhou is I will get you a summary , The setting is in a place called Gensokyo were strange phenomena occur yokais and humans live there. Humans became afraid of approaching this area and as a result of the seal, Gensokyo became inaccessible from the outside world.  The yōkai became distressed about how this would affect the balance between humans and yōkai.  The Yōkai Expansion Project and made Gensokyo a phantasmal world that automatically called out to the weakened yōkai of the outside world. The only known gateway from the outside world into Gensokyo is the Hakurei Shrine ( the main protagonist Reimu lives) on the border of Gensokyo.  The spell card rules were also established to keep up the relationship between humans and yōkai in a mock style, which was necessary for the preservation of the balance of Gensokyo.


The game features versus mode (split-screen), arcade mode, Scenario Mode, Score Attack Mode and Training Mode these support PSN online ranking. In addition, you play as nine characters (one is locked) and plays just like the fighting games. There is also VR support, online featuring Ad-hoc for PS Vita. There is features a social screen option that allows you to do PSVR with there are 10 different kinds of camera angles. If you are a dojin fan and love Touhou  make sure to buy this game when it comes out. Touhou Koubutou V  will be release in Japan on November 2, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Source: Siliconera

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Touhou Koubutou V – Yokai and Shrine

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