Based on the Marvel Comics’ 4th wall spewing anti-hero comic book character Deadpool. Developed by High Noon and published by Activision which was removed due to an expired contract with Marvel Studios. You play as Deadpool and go on an awesome adventure to stop Mr. Sinister and his x-men clones. You will might other character along the way Rogue, Wolverine, Psylocke, Domino, Cable, Death (Deadpool’s lover Thanos will be angry) and many other characters. As far as gameplay, you can teleport from behind enemies or higher places, shoot guns and weapons to create combos to make the game more awesome. You always got to love the funny monuments in the game such as slapping Wolverine in the face, interaction with cable, singing with Death, mingling with hot babes and more 4th wall jokes which had die of laugh and keep me entertain.


You collect coins for weapon, gun and player upgrades and when they introduce a character they show what comic book issue the characters appear in. After you beat the game there are challenges you can complete and I got to say Nolan North is one of the best Deadpool voice actor. I just love his charisma as the character and also we voiced 2016 Deadpool in Hulk Vs Wolverine. If you are a fan of Deadpool this is the game for you. You can also catch Deadpool live action movie and it’s highly recommended for Marvel fans. Fan face: The writer of the story of Deadpool video game is Daniel Way (who wrote Deadpool Vol. 2 #1-63 and Wolverine Vol 2 &3 # 33-40, #187-189). If you want a comedy action beat’em up superhero game get Deadpool. Deadpool is available on PC, Xbox One, 360, PlayStation 4 and 3.


Deadpool – Merc With The Mouth Review

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