These are the questions that as a gamer should be asking. When you see a game that you enjoy and want to get you will wonder what value it holds. Are you looking for graphics, content and worth the price of $59.99? Some game are hyped-up in video games ads and saying “this is the most anticipated in this Christmas!” and “Must Buy!” which criticalready have a copy of the game before hits stores just like movies. What about you as the customer what catches your eye? The cover art, the PS4 and Xbox logo or when looking for the back of the game you will see reviews “awesome game –IGN” or “one of the best I

ever seen – Gamespot“ something like that. What about if you want two $59.99 and you can’t choose ever one but if you plan on getting them individually that’s a good move to save money but if you playing on getting both they will cost $119.98 which is not recommended. Another method is going on YouTube to see how the game is, Watching Youtubers play the game can maybe prompt you to buy the game. What happen went you buy a game that people say is very good but sooner or later it turn about to be a disappointment. Don’t worry sometimes it happens especially if the game lacks content and has a lot of DLCs. If you are buying a game do you really want to spend $59.99 or wait until the price goes down. What about expansion and special editions? Do you think you are wasting money on an original copy? Wil the game disappoint in the long run? Should you buy this game or wait it out? What do you guys think?

Special thanks to gameranx for this topic


Should You Buy Or Before You Buy a Game?

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