Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes – Let’s Go Crazy Retro Review


Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is a crossover fighting game developed and published by Capcom. This is the third installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom next to Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and X-Men vs. Street Fighter· If you don’t know what is Marvel and Capcom is I will give you a summary, Marvel is a comic book series featuring Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men, Thor, Hulk, Ironman and many more. Capcom is a video games company featuring games like Street Fighter, Mega Man, Darkstalkers, Ace Attoney, Devil May Cry and more. Due to the developed when this game ported to consoles from the arcade, it suffers from RAM limitations (for example, PlayStation version removal of certain features like tag team elements and was restricted to two characters instead of four). The characters sprites and animation got to reduced such to RAM space. Fun Fact: Get the Dreamcast version or Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for arcade experience.


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Loot Crate – Gaming, Anime, Pets, Comics and More.


Loot Crate is a pretty much comic and anime con in a box. If you don’t Loot Crate is I will tell you, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription and community that delivers crates of epic gear to geeks & gamers which it stated on the site. All you have to do is pick a crate to subscribe to such as Gaming, Anime, Pets and Wear, they will randomized your items based on the theme and wait until you deliver it to your door. You can share your experience items with your friends and family also you can do a YouTube video of it.


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Adaeus: Rogue Planet – Save a Dying Colony


Adaeus: Rogue Planet is a indie 2D exploration-based sci-fi platformer game developed by OMGWTFGame (awkward name lol). You play as Darius Cayne who is trying to fix his dying colony with a looking for a new power source.  You have a wide range of weapons that can be enhance and also you skills and modify them by using Nanites.  You can construct your facility for defense and for personal use. You fight your way through aliens, mutants, insects and there is end-level bosses you face.


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Never Forget Me – Find Love and Marriage


Never Forget Me is a indie Otome Visual Novel developed  by WinterWolves Games.  This is  a sequel to the game Always Remember Me. You play as Amy who is bounded by four love interest from the first game Aaron, Eddy, Lawrence or Hugh.You can play the game as a visual novel mode or optional stat-raising gameplay (where you need to increase other stats beside the main one associated with each love interest). This game has problems, activities, main characters and unique settings for example, Eddy: Amy works in the same hospital as Eddy, but he seems to be more interested in his career than her. Talking with Nathan, a dying man at the hospital, will open Amy’s eyes and force Eddy to make a choice..


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Faulty Apprentice – Lifetime of Failure


Cat girl is kinda cute

Faulty Apprentice is a indie dating sim game developed by aglstudioart. In this game, you control a farm boy who wants glory of being a apprentice but due to a lifetime of failuare he has a long way to go, but with the help of his friends he can go to distance (Hercules reference). You have 4 relationship paths  and character instructors such as Sword, Archer, Magic and more more. 


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The Legends of Owlia – Zelda Style NES Game


The Legends of Owlia is action adventure indie game developed by gradualgames. This game takes inspirations of StarTropics, Crystalis, and the Legend of Zelda.  You are playing as Adlanniel along with her owl friend  Tyto, there are on a missions to save the great owls from Mermon king of the Mermen.  Here is some more info about the plot, Once upon a time. On a world far beyond imagining. Six great owls brought forth a land called Owlia. Together, they reigned in peace and wisdom for eighty thousand years. However, their pride in the beautiful land and sky of Owlia led them to forget the vast vast seasMermon, King of the Mermen, oft rose to the surface to view the Land of Owlia.


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