Arc System Works announced and drop a trailer for the update version of the original Chaos Code  Sign of Catastrophe. This features new two new characters Lupinus and Ray along with a new game mode I guess it’s mission mode. There is a training ( home your skills and be the best), network (challenge anyone around the world) and battle styles.  This is a 2D fighting game developed by FK Digital and  published by Arc System Works, this was in Sega RingWide aracde before it when home console.


If you don’t know about the plot of this game I will tell you, The creation of the Chaos Code somehow became known to the government and to the public. The professor announced that there will be a huge prize for whoever finds it. What exactly is Chaos Code? There are other groups and organizations who try to outwit the government, but the government always tries to get ahead using any means necessary. Those who seek power believe that you will be able to dominate the Chaotics if you obtain it. Some believe it will grant wishes, others have their own reasons to find it.Within the blink of an eye… a competition for the Chaos Code has begun. You have up to 14 playable with unique moves and style, you have four buttons  (weak punch, weak kick, strong punch, strong kick) and edit characters moves (you choose between run and step). There are two mechaics in this game,  Destruction Chaos (a super move that takes half of your oppenents health) and Exceed Chaos (removes limitations on combos). If you love 2D style anime fighter than wait until this game comes out in the US.  Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe will be available in Japan on November 9 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Wiki.Mizuumi



Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe is Coming to PS4 in November 9

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