Gunmetal Acadia Zero is a side-scrolling indie game developed by J. Kyle Pittman and  Minor Key Games, this is game draws inspiration of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. You play as young elf Vireo (Link is a elf as well) with loads of weapons such as bombs, sword and subweapons. This is really a short game with six levels, a speedrunners can complete this game.

You can talk with NPC and buy weapons to use in your journey. You can choose a side of a guild to who you will fight for. You get loot (of coarse any platform should have treasure), confront bosses with good ol 8-bit music (you can listen to it here) also has a World-class CRT simulation. If you are a 8-bit fan or  Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Support the devleoper J. Kyle Pittman and Minor Key Games. Vote for the game on Stream Greenlight  and Gunmetal Arcadia Zero is 100% finished and ready to launch. In the meantime get it on Itch.io and humble bundle

Source: Siliconera


Gunmetal Acadia Zero – Call of Adventure

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