Myth is a  indie horror visual novel game developed by Circletempo and published by MangaGamer. It tell a story about the protagonist Meito Tanabe lives in the world of light and The main heroine Shimon who lives in the world of shadows reaches out to him. This game burrows Norse mythology and features multiple story arc.  You interact with characters using relationship chart for players to reference as they get absorbed into the universe. The game also have a note system and possibility multiple endings.


The graphics and visual of the game is water colored and the characters look genetic and clean. The soundtrack of the game is composed by  the people who worked on 07th Expansion. If you are 07th Expansion  fan you might what to get it a try. This game does got some horror elements in the trailer such as scream of blood and supernatural things happening.  If you are a visual novel horror fan buy this game.   Myth is available now on steam

Source: Siliconera


Myth – Norse Mythology Visual Novel

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