Creepy Castle is a side-scrolling  8-bit  RPG indie game developed by  Dopterra and published by Nicalis, Inc. You play as a Moth, who is trying the uncover the secrets to the Creepy Castle. The gameplay is turn-based battles each foe has they own type of battle.  and you can customized you interface such as window skins, character glow filters, health bars and hearts. This game follows multiple stories not just one  You collect various dusty tomes that contain wisdom, scribbled musings of madmen and dog­eared.


I am liking the trailer  look like a animated short. This game got some platform elements in it not just RPG. You unlock new characters to play with as you seen on the trailer. You can use special attacks to defeat bosses and enemies.   This game kind of reminds me Undertale based on the graphics and combat style. If you are fan of 8-bit RPGs you might want to buy this game. Creepy Castle is available now on Steam.

Source: Siliconera


Creepy Castle -Explore the Castle Walls

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