Degica just drop  a trailer of the indie RPG called Kokurase and it’s developed by galanti. The story of epsiode 1  is The Kokurase gang, also known as Cupid’s Helpers, is out to help freshman Sakura woo Yoshimitsu, a popular senior with every other girl in school trying to win for his heart. You take control of multiple character in The Kokurase gang to advance the plot. This kind of reminds of Yandere Simulator and Sket Dance a little bit. The members of the The Kokurase gang are Genji (the leader), Riho (the newest member of Kokurase), Mega and Kanta.

You use key phase to progress the conversation and solve story puzzles. All you have to do is to get help Sakura find couarge and figute out a plan to get Yoshimitsu and Sakura together by doing a series of tasks.  You interact with NPCs to move the story go forwards as well.


This is was won Nico Nico Indie Festival Award and the illustration is done by Doromizu, I like the hand-drawn character designs. The game was made by RPGmaker if you want to try it go for it. The first episode is free-to play and the rest is DLC. If you  are a RPG fan and looking a romance game this is the game for you. Kokurase Episode 1 will be available on November 10 on Steam.

Source: Siliconera


Kokurase Episode 1 -Get closer to You Crush

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