The Stargazers is a scfi  indie yuri  visual novel developed by Lupiesoft and published by MangaGamer. The story tells about three woman group called Allied Defense Force Signals. As you know this game feature LGBT moments, mechs and star ships. The game took inspiration of 50’s through 80’s scfi trends, Pulp Fiction and mecha anime. As the game progresses you developed a relationship with the main characters.

Let’s introduced the characters, squadron leader Temperance Goodchild, pilot officer Viiflidi  Ylivda Camiladilly Marjorama-ana and Risty Mello. This game got fanserivce and probably  manipulable endings.  As for the characters designs they look clean but one of the characters that most is Viiflidi  just look ate her lol. Well alot last we got one male on this game.


If you are a yuri fan and love visual novels this is the game for you. The Stargazers is available now on Stream.

Source: Siliconera


The Stargazers – Scfi Allied Defense Force Signals

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