Compile-O release a trailer of  the puzzle game Nyoki Nyoki: Departure Volume which is similar to Puyo Puyo. What you have to is match those green, red, purple, blue and yellow creatures up. If you have not played Puyo Puyo is  to defeat the opponent in a battle by filling their grid up to the top (usually the rows directly below the spawn point) with garbage. The Puyo (plural: Puyo) are round, slime-like creatures who, in most variations of the game, fall from the top of the screen in pairs, triplets, or tetrads. The piece can be moved, dropped, and rotated using the controller or joystick. The piece falls until it reaches another Puyo or the bottom of the screen. Nyoki Nyoki: Departure Volume


There are game modes such as story, versus,Just Nyoki Nyoki and competitive play. This game also got colorful cast of character as a Kunoichi, a pink elephant, rose girl, mushroom and etc.  If you are a fan of Puyo Puyo you will enjoy this game. Nyoki Nyoki: Departure Volume will be availble on November 16, 2016 in Japan for Nintendo 3Ds.

Source: YouTube



Nyoki Nyoki: Departure Volume – Just Nyoki Puzzle

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