Studio Nanafushi put out a launch trailer of the indie action-RPG Dead Or School. You play as a high school girl named Hisako who lives underground and she never been to school but she has a dream of going there and zombies  attacks Tokyo and Hisako is let to defeat and survive the zombie apocalypse. Note: This game does have fan-service you have been warmed.


The gameplay is that you can customize, disassemble weapons, collect parts based on Attack, Weight, Rare effects. Not your weapons but also your skills such as weapons. There is a damage system in play where you take damage and your clothes will rip. You can play as multiple characters which each weapon and skill. You fight zombies, spiders and demons that wreck havoc on Tokyo.


There are various actions you can do such as holding a celling, lifting things and solving puzzles.If you love an anime heroine fighting zombies and demons this is the game for you. Dead Or School  will be available on March 2017, Make you you vote for the game on Steam Greenlight and support the Indiegogo campaign.

Source: Siliconera


Dead Or School – Zombie Fanservice Game

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