We look going to restaurant to eat great food and each of them has a different theme too it such as western, maid, pirate, Japanese, 60’s and many others but what about a video game bar and restaurant for gamer like me. I am sure to go to one but there is some gaming restaurants out there such ash Dave & Busters and Penn Social, theses are great to go to and enjoy yourself. Thanks to Game Skinny I found some gaming bars you will be interested in.

  1. Meltdown – 342 Caledonian road, London, United Kingdommeltdown-london-bar-review
    This is a gaming bar in the UK and you can get partnerships and $5 shots and menu is named after video game characters and themes such as Kirby, Finish Him, Jinx (League of Legends) and Rage Out. The have special events such as tournaments (you can sign up for) of Super Smash Bros,  Street Fighter V, Overwatch, Rocket League and League of Legends. There teams in Meltdown and there is free entry but you have to pay for the game. You can work at Meltdown and open your own and  make reservation for parties and etc.  Check out this bar if you like E-Sports.

2. AFK Tavern – 1510 41st S, Everett, WA 98201hqdefault

 AFK is a bar that’s dedicated to nerd and gamers, They have online community which I never seen in a bar.  There are events such as Karaoke, Trivia Night ad more. The Traven does take reservation and the named after Warcraft such as  The Dragon Knight, The Orc, Witch-King, The Warchief and what will be food without drinks such as Kirby’s Adventure, Power Suit Samus and Like a Boss. Check out this bar and party like a nerd.

           3. 42lounge – 326 E Mason St, Milwaukee, WI


42lounge all things geek; in addition to playable gaming consoles, also have tournaments, barcraft, cosplay, events, wifi for handheld play, and a selection of gaming themed cocktails.  They also have a blog and you can work there as well. Check out this bar if you in this area.

       4. EXP Bar + Restaurant – 09 West Pender St., Vancouver, BC Canada


EXP Bar + Restaurant – 309 West Pender St., Vancouver, BC Canada

Level up with EXP and  replenish your health by eating good food like Chrono Check, Super Smash Nachos, Yoga Inferno Poutine and Gran Turismo. There is also events, torunaments, charities and groups for Twitch Streamer and YouTubers. If you love in Canada you will love this place.

  There  are some up there you should check out Capcom Bar, Throwback KC and Bartari. What video game restaurants and bar are in your area you can recommend me and what are your experience with them. Let me know in the comments.

Source: Gameskinny.


Video Game Bars and Restaurants You Have to Check Out

One thought on “Video Game Bars and Restaurants You Have to Check Out

  1. The Spacebar in Boise, Idaho is a great video game bar as well! They have a ton of classic arcade machines, pinball and an N64 set up on a TV so you can grab some beers and play Mario Kart, Smash Bros. or Goldeneye with friends (or strangers). They also have tables with board games and they do trivia nights each week!

    I love finding new video game themed bars, and the ones you list seem pretty cool as well!



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