Super Rad Raygun is a  indie sidescrolling, retro-inspired shooter developed by TRU FUN Entertainment and published by ScrewAttack Games with Rooster Teeth Games.  You play as a Game Boy fighting against villains inspired by  80’s history, pop culture, and games. The developers Chris Bryant and Chris Henandez pay homage to the Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden and Super Metroid.

This game features Ultra 144-sharp 144p resolution and 4 unique shades of off-green graphics. You can upgrade your weapons, health and agility  and your Game boy components such as  battery, backlight and prtctv case.There  are over  20 levels (from Washington D.C through Berlin) with 12 epic bosses and 3 game modes such as Boss Rush.


You unlock  bonus color palettes, explore hidden areas and checkpoint system. If you are looking for a 8-bit retro Game Boy game buy it. Super Rad Raygun is available on Steam

Source: Siliconera


Super Rad Raygun – Humaniod Game Boy

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