Hartacon Tactics is a indie turn-based tactical RPG developed by charlie fleed and you can play as unique classes and travel through the continent of Kaus. There are two game modes such as single-player campaign  and co-op.   The classes of this game the knight (all-round balanced warrior), dwarf (martial artists with great defense), lionman (unstoppable force) and eight other classes. You have a arsenal of weapons like sword, axes, bows, knives with characteristic attack  patterns and you can execute techniques.

You can recult ailles and battle throught differents maps (you can also create one as well) of the game. You can developed your character skills, magic, defense and many others. Magics in this game have different range and effect such as Lighting can strike on a single target and Water can hit multiple targets in a wide pattern. The graphic is very hi-res and bright that map stand out from the characters. if you played  turn-based tactical RPG, you know their are turns in this game. If you want this game vote for it on Stream Greenlight

Source: Siliconera


Hartacon Tactics – Lionmen, Knights and Dwarves

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