Story Of The End Revere is a indie RPG developed by Strashiner Studios. and you play as a traitor named Troy who on a quest to find redemption . The game features a Hybrid Battle which is a system that enables the player to access real time modes as well having the ability to freely adjust and manipulate enemy encounter rates any time they want.   The takes a more liberal and interactive approach unlike other JRPGs, there are sophisticated levels and tun-based battle system such as refuse to fight a enemy join like Undertale.

There are 15 hours in this game, which you can upgrading weapons, crafting system and encountering enemies in this game is optional.  There are 4 main character in this game Troy, Cecil, Anthalia and Roland. The graphic in game is pixel art mix with 16-bit and the battle system is like still-frames.  this There are story-driven quests you can complete , this is a demo and if you want to play the game now go to

Source: Siliconera.


Story Of The End Revere – Quest For Redemption

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