Nintendo just release a trailer of  Super Mario Maker for  Nintendo 3DS. If you have to Wii U version it’s totally different with more features. If you don’r know what Super Mario Maker is it’s pretty much you are creating you own Mario such as putting blocks, powerups, enemies and change the format from Retro and Modern. You can also share them with you friends (sharing is caring) and  use the Streetpass you give you friend a gift (which is a nice feature) you can get tips from Yamamura to how to create levels which is go for beginners.

There are 30 coarse elements and effects to make your game fun, challenging and comedic. You know the format of Mario games Peach is kidnapped again yay! and you have to beat 100 levels designed by Nintendo (OMG). The coarses is compatible and stored in the Wii U server. If you don’t have a Wii-U here is your chance to buy this game. Super Mario Maker for  Nintendo 3DS will be available December 12, 2016.

Source: Siliconera


Super Mario Maker 3DS – Make Your Own Mario Game

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