Capcom announced release dates for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for iPhone and Android. December 1 for iOS and December 8, 2016 for Android. This version of the game has optimized UIO and graphics to take advantage of the higher resolutions and aspect ratios.  Additionally, the game will feature both full English and Japanese language support. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney  is a consider a spin-off of the Ace Attorney series  and features a new protagonist Apollo Justice. Here is the story behind it, Phoenix Wright has loss his job being a Attorney due to forged evidence and  It’s up to Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright adopted daughter Trucy to bring justice to their hands.

The gameplay is the same as it’s main series such as investigating, press on testimony, present evidence and talking to witness.  There is a new mechanic Apollo’s bracelet which activate when someone is lying out or have a nervous twitch. There are forensic section in the game where you spray where there is trace of blood and fingerprinting powder. The game introduce “Crime Recreation Mode” which you can allow the player to explore the recreation to look for clues and crime in 3-D  rendition. If you are fan of the Ace Attorney series make sure you look out for the game on you phone. Also Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is available on Nintendo DS.

Source: Siliconera


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to IOS and Android in December

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