Alicemare is a indie horror-esque adventure game developed by  △○□× (Miwashiba)and published by AGM Playsim. Note: This game is made in Wolf RPG Editor, this game is about a boy named Allen who lost his memory and breaved by his parents, afterward comes to a certain facility.  While he is investigates a tumor he heard about other child. This game reminds me of Earthbound and you help different child like yourself.


Note: The developer MIWASHIBA says that there is not jump scare, or chasing, it’s a storybook/fairy-tale motif just like Alice in Wonderland (There is a Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit in this game) . Let’s talk about the graphics, it’s 16-bit with shaded pixel art for the character design. If you love  horror-esque adventure this the game for you. Alicemare is available now on steam Check out PlAYISM for stream keys.


Alicemare – a Boy Who Has His Memory

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