Do you hate DLC? Will it benefit the player that plays the games? DLC stands for downloadable content and it’s distributed on the internet not physical. DLC is pretty much like an add-on or expansion pack content that revolves around it are storyline, weapons, costumes., game modes and etc. Later on is re-release on a deluxe or special edition which all the DLC is in one disc. DLC exist in the early 1980s when Gameline can around, you needed an internet connection (dial up I hate it) to buy games this method was called digital distribution. Another example is the Sega Channel you have to buy and pay a activation fee, then download whatever game you choose. Journey to 2000s, you have PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and Nintendo eShop which known for having DLC. For people who got mobile phones there are DLC too which is called In-game apps. The disadvantage of DLC, people don’t want to spend a lot of money on content that

should be in a sequel. For example, Street Fighter X Tekken got criticism over locked downloadable characters that’s already on the disc. Pricing of DLC is cheap or expensive like retail copy. For example, costumes, characters, weapons and items are $5 dollars, extra story or game mode $20 dollars and special edition #50 dollars. To gaming companies don’t ship a game that’s missing content and you will have to pay more to download it. For now on I am waiting until expansion comes out instead of getting the original copy to save money. DLC is a new method of getting more money for the creators and it’s nothing wrong with that but don’t false advertise your product. Is DLC really going too far or will it stop?


Does DLC Benefit You?

One thought on “Does DLC Benefit You?

  1. It depends pretty much on what it is. In my gaming days there definitely at times was some pretty awesome DLC content: Mass effect for instance had some very cool new story missions, that were definitely worth buying. However if you have to pay large amounts of money only for some type of new weapon or an outfit, that is just taking things to far.


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