Gloom is a action RPG indie game developed by hawec. This game got the some pixel art graphics as the another indie game Limbo. In this game you play as a mysterious hero who got severe amnesia. You are trying to find the lost pages of the Necronomicon and you are losing a piece of yourself in this process. The story of the game told in a H.P. Lovecraft style with a a bit of horror.


The gameplay is you have various weapons such as axe, sword, bow & arrow and many more, also the combat system is inspired by Dark Souls. The game also have items probably  health, magic and etc. You level up to upgrade skills, weapons and abilities. The graphics on this game is black, grey and white making it dark and gloomy (no pun intended. If you thinking about playing this game vote for it on  Steam Greenlight and  it will be available on Spring 2017.

Source: Siliconera


Gloom -H.P. Lovecraft Inspired Story

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