The Legends of Owlia is action adventure indie game developed by gradualgames. This game takes inspirations of StarTropics, Crystalis, and the Legend of Zelda.  You are playing as Adlanniel along with her owl friend  Tyto, there are on a missions to save the great owls from Mermon king of the Mermen.  Here is some more info about the plot, Once upon a time. On a world far beyond imagining. Six great owls brought forth a land called Owlia. Together, they reigned in peace and wisdom for eighty thousand years. However, their pride in the beautiful land and sky of Owlia led them to forget the vast vast seasMermon, King of the Mermen, oft rose to the surface to view the Land of Owlia.


His desire for sunlight, sky, and green forests grew until he decided the seas were not enough for him. He endeavored to summon the six great owls one by one. He began sapping their powers of flight, empowering his minions to float towards the Land of Owlia to claim it for his own. However, one great owl eluded him.. Silmaran, the White King. Soaring high above the Land of Owlia, as Mermon’s forces grew in power, he searched for one who might heed his call to rescue the great owls and restore the Land of Owlia. The gameplay is similar to Legend of Zelda, you have to fight 12 ememies and 5 bosses. You can fight with your owl Tyto and perform 8 techniques and uses your sword. Along with 7 overword maps there is 5 screen by screen dungeons filled with puzzles. There is a password system nostalgia, speaking of that the games graphic is  NES 8-bit you will feel like a kid again.  If you want this game is coming out early 2017 and make sure to vote on Steam Greenlight.

Source:  Siliconera


The Legends of Owlia – Zelda Style NES Game

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