Adaeus: Rogue Planet is a indie 2D exploration-based sci-fi platformer game developed by OMGWTFGame (awkward name lol). You play as Darius Cayne who is trying to fix his dying colony with a looking for a new power source.  You have a wide range of weapons that can be enhance and also you skills and modify them by using Nanites.  You can construct your facility for defense and for personal use. You fight your way through aliens, mutants, insects and there is end-level bosses you face.


Solve puzzles  to get with you skills, you also can play with the gamepad and key-mapping. The game is inspired by Castlevania franchise and 2015’s indie hit Axiom Verge, not each level is randomized not in order.  The graphics in this game is filtered colors making it like look Super Metroid. If you like scfi action adventure game this is for you and make you vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Siliconera


Adaeus: Rogue Planet – Save a Dying Colony

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