Top 5 Games I Enjoy In 2016


2016 was a great year for gaming and I will tell my games I have played throughout the year. Note: I am not going to spoil the games that’s on my top 5.

5. BioShock: The Collection – 2k Games


This is remastered version of all the three Bioshock games (Bioshock 1-2 and Infinite). There is 100 hours of  gameplay and my favorite is Bioshock Infinite because of Elizabeth (she is y favorite female character). Buy this game if you enjoy the Bioshock series.


4.   Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X – Sega


Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X is a great game for music lovers, even if you are live streaming it on YouTube you will face copyright. In this game you can play as Miku and her friends, it;s fun and light-hearted but you have to match all the notes and not fail at the game.If you are a Hatsune Miku fan buy this game.

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New Year’s Resolution for 2017 and Goals


Well folks it’s almost 2017 and 2016 was a good but rough year for me. When I start blogging in September I didn’t know went I was getting into but I saw some YouTube videos that you can do it full-time or part time whatever you choose and make money from it. I didn’t want to go into blogging for the money but because I love it, note: blogging is not a get rich quick scheme it takes time and months (maybe a year) to grow just like YouTube and Twitch. You can do it on the side and have your full-time job too, if you plan on doing blogging full-time. There are methods to grow your blog such as quality, traffic, promote and network with other bloggers. That’s what I been doing in these four months and I met some great people and hope to meet more. While I am on YouTube I delete my channel with 262 subscribers because of MCN (don’t join them if you are a small YouTuber) and I rebooted my channel (now with 15 subscribers) and I know all the basics on growing my YouTube by watching SEO videos by Roberto Blake and Video Creators.

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Is Street Fighter V Worth Getting?


Artwork by sakimichan

Capcom latest installment of Street Fighter is here but is it an early access game? There are mixed reviews on this game and the main complaint is lack of content. Which it’s inacceptable for a fighting game and loss of value to the game. If you don’t know what Street Fighter is a fighting game that been around seen the 80s and the best-selling franchise in Capcom. It features fighting from different countries and other fighting games take influence from this. There are Street Fighter TV shows, movies, comics and many other merchandise. In Street Fighter V, there are some new characters such as Laura Matsuda (Sean Matsuda’s older sister), Rashid (which people think the character is racist), F.A.N.G.( one of Shadaloo Grand Masters which replace Sagat) and Necalli ( Aztec warrior who seek souls). There are returning character from Street Fighter II, Alpha, IV and Third


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Is Remastering Video Games Same as Rehashing?


Remastering video games has become a trend nowadays in video games industry. Video Games from the earlier 80’s through 2000s are considered a classics from our childhood such as Final Fantasy VII, Grim Fandango, Halo, Crash Bandicoot, The Legend of Zelda and many more. Remaster is the same as a remake of a video with enhanced graphics, audio, gameplay and story from the original game. Some remake and remasters of video games doesn’t live up to the original game as the fans grew with game such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, Splatterhouse (2010), Bomberman: Act Zero, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Altered Beast(2005)and more. These remaster and remakes are sometime done by other studios not the original.


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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Series – Kamehameha Retro Review


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is a 3D fighting game developed by Dimp and published by Atari. This game is based on Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama and it’s one of the most popular manga in Japan and America. If you don’t know what Dragon Ball is let me tell you, It revolve about a Saiyan (extraterrestrial warrior) Goku (who is based on Journey to the West’s Sun Wukong) who goes on a journey to find seven Dragon Ball to make a wish and fight villains who tries to take over the universe. The storyline goes ever ways when it progresses, check out the anime if you have not. I will only talk about Budokai 1-3 not Shin or Infinite world, let’s get right to it.

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Traumerin – Save Your Mother From a Strange World


Traumerin is a indie turn-based RPG platformer game developed by VelvetAntStudios, You play as a boy and his stuffed bear to save his mother from a strange world  that looks like broken toys. Where are 4 worlds and 20 levels in the game, the combat system is just like another turn-based RPG. You have three option: attack, skill, and items, you defeat enemies and level up your characters to earn unique abilities.  This game is not only a RPG but a platformer as well, which you jump and collect coins and etc.


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