Magi Trials is a indie visual novel game developed and published by Dharker Studio. The game is about you are in a magical school which you are train to be the best. This game is like Harry Potter but has fansevice, these are the same people who done Highschool Romance and Highschool Possession because of the character design and style of gameplay. In this game there are  eight alternate endings and multiple routes and choices.


You have multiple  save slot if you feel like you are making a bad choice. You collect Steam Trading Cards and unlock  10 achievements while you are playing the game. You can play in a 1080p window and full-screen what ever your prefer to play on. There is a CG gallery with 100 image you can view while playing the game. The graphics of this game is high quality with  hand-drawn character designs. If you want a magical school visual novel this is the game for you. Magi Trials is available now on steam and the Deluxe Edition with avatars, wallpaper, soundtrack and  Dakimakuras.

Source: Siliconera


Magi Trials – Join the Royal Academy of Magi

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