Altero is a a brain teasing puzzle-platform indie game developed by Electronic Motion Games. The plot of the game is born without consent with one only purpose: pain. You are responsible for the loss of many lives and your lack of choice cannot change that fact. Your desire for a different life dances with leaves on the wind. The game is pretty much like a you have to sacrifice yourself in order to overcome  obstacles. You play as a Ady, a cursed voodoo doll, finding his redemption by rescuing the lost souls in  a  Sorrow Forest.


The gameplay is very depressing and you have to hurt yourself to solve puzzles and get one place from other. I am liking to graphics in this game reminds me of Ori and the Blind Forest very dark and bright contrast. There is co-op mode for two player and a secondary goal for harder players. You get award with achievements, cards and badges as you process through the game. This is a early access and pre-alpha but it looks great to me and I hope the creator get more award from this game. Note: make sure you give feedback to the developer and vote for Altero on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Siliconera


Altero – Dark Past and Death

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