Last Days of Spring 2 is a indie visual novel game developed by Sapphire Dragon Productions. This is the sequel Last Days of Spring (which the story takes places after), the plot of this on is It’s been five years since the Hayabusa Academy gang graduated from high school, Yuka has just graduated from University and moved to a new city when she receives an invitation from Aya, her best friend, for a class reunion in her country lodge in Cannon Beach, Oregon. What adventures lie for the old friends in this beautiful mountain state? Will there be romance? Will old memories sweep them up into rich and new emotions?


Last Days of Spring 2 has some new features such as tons of replay value, return of some familiar characters and 6 endings. The game setting is in Oregon with towns, mountains  and parks. Note: it’s recommended you get Last Days of Spring before getting 2. In the first game you interact with each character and build a relationship with them and the game’s soundtrack is beautiful and expressive new age music. The graphics in this game is water colored backgrounds and hand-drawn character models. If you want a slice of life visual novel buy this game. Last Days of Spring 2 is available now on steam.

Source: Siliconera


Last Days of Spring 2 -Romance or Friendship

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