Capcom just reveal the new trailer for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite during the Capcom Cup 2016 finales. This is the rumored Marvel Vs Capcom 4 that surface the web last week but change it to infinite. My speculation is this a reboot probably because the original has 3 vs 3 but in this installment their are 2 vs 2.    In the trailer I am happy to see Mega Man back because they only had Zero  in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. You know you see Ryu and IronMan (I am not surprised about but there is a new character Miss Marvel (Captain Marvel) with her Binary powers.


The gameplay looks like Marvel vs Capcom 3 but bring back some elements from the older Capcom vs series such as Infinite Power (from Marvel Super Heroes) where you control the power of the   six powerful Infinity Stones. Vast Multiplayer Features which has online modes (such as ranked, causal, spectator and leaderboard), Cinematic Story (a storyline that answers questions about the, step into the shoes of classic characters and face off against a  new villain). Accessible Single Player Content such as Training(to home your skills), Versus (face off with a friend), Mission (play through various mission) and Arcade. The graphics of the game is utilizing  Unreal Engine 4 technology for cinematic visuals and next-gen realism. Marvel Vs Capcom is in development and I can’t wait to see more characters from Marvel an Capcom. Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite will available on 2017 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom is out on PlayStation 4 in the PlayStation Store.

Soruce: Capcom Unity



Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – 2 vs 2 Battle not 3 vs 3

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