Nick Accordino and Sid Shoeman  showed off Gravity Rush 2 at PlayStation Experience 2016.  This game features a 50min open world segment with challenge missions and side quests. The map is 2 in half bigger then the prequel and there is a high and low society in this game. You collect gems to upgrade your skills. Kat has different styles in this installment Lunar style (light gravity style) you can use homing kicks and worm hole kicks to get through enemy projectile. Jupiter style (heavy gravity style)  you can use debris to destroy enemies and uses shockwave drop for multiple enemies.  You fight huge bosses in this game and  free story dlc is all about Raven and what happen to the kids from the first game and it’s coming in March 2017.


Sid is making a return in this game and he play a important role in this game. He get sucked up along with Raven and Katt into a Gravity Storm in the end of first game. Kat and Sid are  in other words  and that’s how Gravity Rush 2 starts off. You can take picture of people but ask first and you can have photo items and props in photo mode. There are freestyle and sliding races, the soundtrack of game is composed by Kohei Tanaka but if you preorder it you get access director’s choice soundtrack for free. You can back to the the first games levels and the graphic has a french art style with comic panels. Gravity Rush 2 is available January 20, 2017.

Source: Siliconera


Gravity Rush 2 – Flying Without Wings

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