Naughty Dog’s Vinit Agarwal presented a new co-op mode for Uncharted 4 called Survival at PlayStation Experience 2016. Vinit stated some game modes will be included such as 50 waves which they broke it up into 10 stages with cross-maps. There are 5 objective  types such as Core One Survival (standard horde, Siege ( defending your location), Treasure Race (collect treasures through out the map while killing enemies and also avoiding them), Markman (You have to find and kill  the marked person and can be more) and Boss waves (face against pirates).


You have play with a friends or with a CPU controller character, there you revive your teammate, use sync melee attack and you can draw out at anytime and can be replaced with another player. There is a leveling up system to increase your health and get better are the game. As for money, there is a in-game store to purchase weapons and gear for your arsenal and get money by killing enemies and you get a 30 min intermission to change your gear by the wave. The bosses are strategic for example, Dijin Warlord is a fire boss and you need to defeat him with fire (Rocket Launcher).  You have star system where you have to beat the level at a certain amount of time. There are bringing back the skeleton skins from Uncharted 3, loot and there are five levels in weapons once you level up. Uncharted 4: Survival is available this month for free on PlayStation 4.

Source: Siliconera


Uncharted 4: Survival – New Co-Op Mode

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