When you watch a blockbuster movie and wonder I want to live it. Fear not there are video games that put in you into the movie, but it may sound great but once you play it you will probably be disappointed. Especially in the 1980s – present when video game movie adaptation bombed. The reason is that movie companies want the game to be release the same day as the movie. That’s why video game companies tend to rush production without retouching and fixing problem that’s in the game. Speaking of video games turn into movies, I don’t see a single good live action film based on the video game. Wreck-it Ralph is a good film featuring popular video games characters highly recommended. You see


video game based movies like Mortal Kombat (it was an okay), Super Mario Bros (god that was awful), Street Fighter (same as MK), Assassin Creed, Warcraft and many more. Nowadays, some video game companies started to make their own movies such as Ratchet and Clank (it was not a good movie). I think I talk about the live action but what about animated ones such as Batman: Assault on Arkham, Street Fighter (1993 Film), Persona 4, Bayonetta and more. These was handled well by the animation studios and the person who directed it. If you want a video game that translated into media such as film you have to learn the source material or else the fans will not be happy with it. Can it be good in the future let’s hope so? If they make an effort on protecting the rights and taking true to video games. What do you think of video game movie adaptation?


Will Video Game Movie Adaptation Ever Going To Be Good

2 thoughts on “Will Video Game Movie Adaptation Ever Going To Be Good

  1. Hmm…Hopefully next year Assassin’s Creed will break that trent. Actually there is one movie that I thought was actually pretty good: Silent Hill. That movie remained pretty close to the source material and it even featured the original music from the games. That said, I also like the Resident Evil series (pretty much a guilty pleasure ). Great post!


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