Nintendo release a trailer for it’s new IP “Tank Troopers”  and  it’s a action just like Advance Wars. This trailer shows us gameplay and features, for example you choose up to 13 Troopers and 36 tanks with special abilities such as freeze, purple goo, invisibility  and many more.  There is multiplayer up to 6 players  local with only one cartridge using download play. For single player there are 30 types of missions such as reaching a goal within a time limit and more.


You can customize your tank to make it powerful, change the color  scheme and whatever your preference. There are maps such as green meadows, dune-filled deserts, crowded warehouses, and more. If you love colorful cast of characters and love Advance Wars this is the game for you.  Tank Troopers will be available in Japan in December 21, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Siliconera


Tank Troopers – Next Gen Advance Wars

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