Taiker is a indie  platformer RPG game developed and published by Team 4U. You play as Peggy and her friend Chopy who is on a journey to battle evil robots. In this game you can upgrade Peggy’s ability and skills. You explore areas filled with robot ready to destroy you, you can dodge enemies attacks and move ultra-fast to pull off combos. The more enemies your fight the more difficult they are and there challenging bosses.


There are items in this game for you to collect and solve puzzles as you go into your adventure. There are multiple ending but I think you have to beat the game in a certain conditions. The graphics in this game 2,5D kind of remind me of Mighty No.9 and I am liking the chibified character design. If you are a fan of girl fighting robot action this is the game for you.  Taiker is available now on steam.

Source: Siliconera



Taiker – Giant Robot Combat

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