Coffin of Ashes in an indie adventure-horror game developed by Ladomu , Angels Blue Digital Entertainment and published by DigitalEZ. This is created by RPG Maker , in this game you play as a girl named Delilah and you have to find your classmates. You take shleter in a  old mansion on a rainy day after Deiliah finds many mysterious phenomena such as a hidden deep underground passage. If she want to see her classmates again she have to solve puzzles, make a date and going round an infinite loop 101 times to escape the mansion with her friends.


Note: This game has not combat system just exploring and solve puzzles but you do have to survive. I am liking to the top-down style  and the graphics in this game is pixel art and I like the hand-drawn character portraits. If you want a horror game with no combat this is the game for you. Coffin of Ashes  is available now on steam.

Source: Siliconera


Coffin of Ashes – No Combat RPG

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