Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan is a indie action-adventure rpg developed by Kiro’o Games and published by Plug In Digital. You play as a King ( Enzo Kori-Odan) and Queen (Erine Kori-Odan) to stop a brother in law from talking the throne.You will meet allies on your journey,  the game explore African Culture due this is the 1st game made in the country Africa and it’s also called  The Kiro’o Tales Series (1st entry). The gameplay is follows you can execute combos in mid-air, ground and with your partner , the fighting system is called CAARO AARGUDAN ( which is  which is Enzo’s fighting style as well.  You can rush enemies in like Naruto Ultimate Ninja style.


Note: this game has 100 features  aerial combo, realtime magic/skill counter, Dash and etc. You fight alongside with the Queen and she has some interesting mechanism and a great support character. Erine Kori-Odan can use elemental power and magic that can revive you went get knock down or assist you in combat make sure to keep here alive. There are exploration which you can talk with people, swim in water  and etc.  You gather and merge Aurions(skills) for battle.  You fight your way through enemies and powerful bosses. You can do a story mission or a side-quest whatever you choose. I am loving the hand-drawn sprites and environment. This reminds me of a flash movie you seen in Newgrounds but better, the fast-pace battle system, narration and great storyline.  If you want a action-RPG based on African Heritage and Culture this is for you. For more info about the game click the website  along with the demo. Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan is available now on steam.


Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan – 1st African Fantasy RPG

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